Theater Actors are some of the most amazing and gifted performers in the world today. Different from film and television actors, Theater Actors are respected as artists and are expected to be extremely talented and well trained. For this reason, it can often be harder to break into theater acting than it is to get commercial or film work. For those types of jobs, sometimes all that is needed is a pretty face or a good body. With theater, however, looks can only get a person so far. What it all comes down to is talent.

Most Theater Actors who make it big have extensive amounts of formal training. High school students who wish to become Theater Actors are encouraged to begin taking drama classes and trying out for plays right away. Likewise, majoring in theater in college is wise for potential performers. For those long done with school but still looking to break into the business, signing up for a local acting class or getting involved with community or professional theater can be an excellent way to learn the foundations of acting and to get started on a satisfying career path.

Once training has been acquired, Theater Actors will need to start finding auditions in their local area or to any areas they are willing to travel to. Actors who want to make it big in the business absolutely need to live in New York City or another major area with a vibrant theater community. Of course, however, not all Theater Actors dreams of being famous. It is quite possible to make a decent living acting in local professional theater. Even more money can be made if actors join a union, such as Equity. Many people even spend years doing “small time” acting before taking off for the big city and pursuing the profession more seriously.

Finding auditions for Theater Actors is simple. Actors should read through the paper or search online for local auditions. They should also regularly check the websites of any local or professional theaters they are aware of. It is important to note that every audition will be different, and serious Theater Actors will know to read the listing carefully to determine what is expected of them and will then follow it exactly. Some auditions, for example, might ask an actor to memorize a monologue and perform a song while others will consist of movement work or even cold readings from the script. Actors should always strive to be prepared for auditions, well dressed, on time, courteous, and professional. Most importantly of all, they should be pleasant and should appear to love what they do. After all, there’s no other reason to become an actor.